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No, we don't currently sell books directly through the website. The links you'll find under each book title will take you to online retailers, such as Amazon, where you can buy the books.
We want to bring every Rugby League book that's ever been published on to one site. Have you ever searched for Rugby League books online, only to get loads of Rugby Union suggestions come up as well? Well, we promise you won't find any Union books on here. The site's built by League fans for League fans, so you'll only ever find Rugby League on here. You'll be able to read more about every book, submit a review, and click through to buy them from one of our affiliate partners. We also have regular blog posts, a 'book of the month' feature, and plenty more - all of it revolving around Rugby League!
Yes, we make a small commission on every sale that goes through our website. This allows us to keep the website running and continue to improve it. You can find out more on our 'cookies policy' page.
Currently, our focus is solely on books, and we continue to add new titles frequently. However, in future, we're planning to display other Rugby League merchandise on here, so keep checking back.
Prices on other websites can change at anytime, and there's no way of us keeping up with the live figures. So, to ensure we're not giving you any false information, we've decided not to include prices. However, when you click through to another website, the price listed will be the most up-to-date one.