Rugby League is Born: After a Long Labour

By Tom Mather

An in-depth look back at Rugby League's split from the Northern Union, way back in 1895.

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This book takes a new approach to events that led to the great schism on the 29th August 1895. In depth research into newspaper reports of the day uncover a more controversial explanation of events that resulted in the formation of the Northern Union now the Rugby League.

The research shows that the dispute between the senior clubs in both Lancashire and Yorkshire ran for much longer and was more complex that was simply “broken time” payments. The book suggests that problems began back in 1892 and saw ten Yorkshire clubs resign from the Yorkshire County Rugby Union in order to secure an Alliance League. There was an uneasy truce between the clubs and the county authorities, a truce destined to break down by 1895.

The problems were not connected to broken time as such payments were wide spread throughout the country and had been so for many years. The issues were much more complicated and were to produce differing actions from clubs in the two counties.

The book traces the actions of the clubs and the authorities from 1892 through to the meeting at the George Hotel on 29th August 1895. The author draws conclusions that oppose those put forward by the authorities at the time of the split and accepted as fact from then until today.

If you are a supporter of the game this book will appeal as it gives a down to earth account of events that occurred that would result in the formation of the Rugby League.



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Rugby League is Born: After a Long Labour

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