NEWS: Stan Wall book cover revealed

Stan WallIconic St Helens kit-man Stan Wall will release his autobiography next month, ghostwriter Andrew Quirke has revealed.

Wall, 79, will be at the book’s launch at Langtree Park next month. Quirke said: “Stan’s got a great story to tell.

“He was a miner and also part of a mine rescue team that was the first down the pit if there was an explosion or accident, a top referee in the 80s, assistant coach at Leigh and St Helens and then kit-man for St Helens, England and Great Britain.

“The book’s got a bigger cast than The Lord of the Rings. I think I’ve spoken to almost everybody in rugby league, and they’ve all had a tale to tell on Stan.”

Quirke added: “Stan’s nearly 80 and still does two days a week with St Helens, helping out on the captain’s run and then again on match day. I envy his memory and his energy – he’s in the best shape possible.”

Stan Wall will be available to sign copies of his autobiography, Stan the Man: The Life Story of Stan Wall, at 1.30pm, April 12 2014, at Langtree Park.

NEWS: Chisnall brothers story set for emotional Langtree Park launch

Balls Gloves and GloryEric Chisnall, Mike Rush and boxer Martin Murray are among the guests set to celebrate the launch of Andrew Quirke’s new book, Balls, Gloves and Glory, on Saturday 2 March.

The book tells the tale of the four Chisnall brothers – Eric, Dave, Les and John – and is Quirke’s first biography, having previously worked on the autobiographies of Paul Loughlin, Graeme West and Doug Laughton.

Dave, who died aged 64 in January 2013, was best known for his spells at Warrington, Leigh and St Helens.

Les won the Challenge Cup with Leigh, while John, who died in 2005, was a professional boxer before becoming a boxing trainer who helped develop Murray during his early days.

Eric is a member of St Helens’ Hall of Fame, having been with the club for 45 years in playing, coaching and development roles.

Quirke said: “We’re starting at 11am in the Red Vee cafe at Langtree Park. Eric will say a few words and then sign any books.

“It’s a more poignant day because of Dave’s recent passing, but hopefully the book is something for his children and grandchildren. He’ll never be forgotten – hopefully this will help to keep his memory alive.”

Quirke added: “It was a challenge trying to tell four people’s stories and not make it too confusing for the reader, but hopefully we’ve cracked it.

“I’m really proud of how it’s turned out. I’ve got a lot of emotion attached to the book and I’m looking forward to celebrating it on Saturday.”

Order Balls, Gloves and Glory online here

REVIEW: From Grass to Glass, by Paul Loughlin and Andrew Quirke

From grass to glass, by Paul Loughlin and Andrew Quirke

From grass to glass, by Paul Loughlin and Andrew Quirke

It says much about Paul Loughlin’s career that, even after 10 years in retirement, the former St Helens, Bradford and Great Britain centre can still command enough interest to publish From Grass to Glass, his revealing and witty autobiography.

Loughlin achieved so much as a player: he scored more than 2,000 points for St Helens, represented Great Britain 15 times and twice toured Down Under with the national team.

For some, he will go down as the unfortunate bloke who got to five Challenge Cup finals – and lost the lot.

But for most, the memories are of a classy centre who had natural talent. Loughlin admits he could have been even better had he been coached by the likes of Brian Smith at the start of his career, rather than at the end, but there are very few regrets in his story. [Read more…]

NEWS: Paul Loughlin: I’m proud of autobiography

From grass to glass, by Paul Loughlin and Andrew Quirke

From grass to glass, by Paul Loughlin and Andrew Quirke

Rugby league legends including Andy Gregory and Royce Simmons last night gathered for the launch of Paul Loughlin’s autobiography From grass to glass.

Former Great Britain centre Loughlin has worked on the book with ghostwriter Andrew Quirke and is understandably proud of the final product – although he admitted he had initially needed some persuading to tell his story.

He said: “When Andrew phoned me I was a bit unsure, really. It’s been over 10 years since I played, and I was wondering whether people had forgotten me or whether I’d forget players’ names or situations in games.

“But I had another chat with Andrew, decided to go for it, and it’s been quite easy because Andrew’s been asking me questions and helping me remember things. It became enjoyable in the end, and I think he’s done a good job. I’m proud of it really.”

The book is littered with amusing anecdotes, with one particular tale involving Matt Calland being a particular highlight.

“I wanted to make it funny and I think I’ve done that,” said Loughlin. “Hopefully people will like it, because sometimes you read an autobiography and get a bit bored. I said to Andrew that we should make it funny, and thankfully he agreed.”

Rugby League Books will be reviewing ‘From grass to glass’ next week. If you can’t wait that long, you can order your own copy here.

NEWS: Five rugby league books due for imminent release

The Official Super League Annual 2012

The Official Super League Annual 2012 is out on October 1, 2011

Christmas must be coming…

Book publishers across the world are stacking up on rugby league titles to keep fans busy during the long, dark nights of winter.

Rugby League Books has been doing some research, and here are five titles that have either been recently released or are due for release in the next few weeks:

There’s certainly plenty to get stuck into.

Happy reading!

FEATURE: How one man crossed the great divide to write a rugby league book in 10 weeks

This is the second installment of a two-part interview with author Andrew Quirke, who here reveals a frantic schedule for working on Graeme West’s autobiography. You can read the first part here.

For most writers, taking on one book is a big enough challenge. Not Andrew Quirke.

The rugby league author has two autobiographies in their final stages, with Paul Loughlin’s From Grass to Glass set to be released in September 2011 before Graeme West’s autobiography hits the shelves later this year.

Quirke revealed: “Graeme’s moving back to New Zealand at the end of the year, which meant we had 10 weeks in total to write the book from start to finish!” [Read more…]

NEWS: Paul Loughlin’s autobiography set for release

This is the first of a two-part interview with author Andrew Quirke, who here discusses Paul Loughlin’s upcoming autobiography and will later reveal details of his next two projects.

If author Andrew Quirke did not know how to multitask 12 months ago, it is almost certain that he does now.

The St Helens season-ticket holder has been juggling a full time job with writing two upcoming rugby league titles, and has recently agreed a deal for a third rugby league book in 2011. [Read more…]