St Helens rugby league books

The St Helens Saints Miscellany, by Darren Phillips

St Helens Rugby League: Images of Sport, by Alex Service

Ray French… and Rugby, by Ray French

Longy: Booze, Brawls, Sex and Scandal, by Sean Long and Nick Appleyard

Sculthorpe: Man of Steel, by Paul Sculthorpe

From Grass to Glass: A Rugby League Journey, by Paul Loughlin and Andrew Quirke

Knowsley Road: Memories of St Helens Rugby League Football Club, by Andrew Quirke and Stephen McCarthy

Newlove: At the Centre of Rugby League, by Paul Newlove and Andrew Quirke

Being John Stankevitch

The Patience of a Saint: St Helens Rugby League 1978 to 1996, by Mike Critchley

St Helens RLFC: 100 Great Players, by Alex Service

Chris Joynt: The Quiet Man, by Chris Joynt and Mike Critchley

Being John Stankevitch, by John Stankevitch

A Welsh Saint: The Kel Coslett Story, by Kel Coslett and Mike Appleton

Vince Karalius: A Rugby League Legend, by Maurice Bamford

A Dream Come True: A Rugby League Life, by Doug Laughton and Andrew Quirke

Meninga: My Life In Football, by Mal Meninga and Alan Clarkson