British rugby league books

Rugby League Yearbook 2013, by Tim Butcher and Daniel Spencerrlyearbook2013

Rugby League: A Critical History 1980 – 2013, by Richard De La Riviere

The Official Super League Annual 2014, by Neil Barraclough

Through Adversity: The Fight For Rugby League In The RAF, by Damian Clayton

Learning Curve: The Story Of Student Rugby League, by Dave Hadfield

Soldiers’ League: The Story Of Army Rugby League, by Sean Fanning (Kindle edition available here)

No Helmets Required: The Remarkable Story Of The American All Stars, by Gavin Willacy (Kindle edition available here)

Heading For The Line, by Michael Miles (Kindle edition available here)

Rugby League In The Seventies, by Harry Edgar

Making Up The Numbers: The Clubs That Hoped To Be Giant Killers, by Stuart Sheard

Rugby League Back o’ t’ Wall – A History of Sharlston Rovers ARLFC, by Graham Chalkley

In Full Bloem, by Jamie Bloem and Andrew Hardcastle

The Heart And The Art Of My Rugby Photography, by Paul Hart

The Gillette Rugby League Yearbook 2012, by Tim Butcher and Daniel Spencer

The King of Brilliance: James Lomas – A Rugby League Superstar, by Graham Morris

Up and Over, by Dave Hadfield

Down and Under, by Dave Hadfield

Border City Blues: The Story of Rugby League in Carlisle, by Alan Tucker

No Sand Dunes in Featherstone: Memories of West Yorkshire Rugby League, by Robert Light

Best In The Northern Union, by Tom Mather

A Welshman in Halifax: Garfield Owen, by Andrew Hardcastle

The Warrior: Jeff Grayshon MBE, by Maurice Bamford

Braver Than All The Rest, by Philip Howard

The Rugby League World Cup: An Illustrated History of Rugby’s Oldest Global Tournament, by Tim Butcher and Malcolm Andrews

Hunslet Through And Through: Geoff Gunney MBE, by Maurice Bamford

The Forbidden Game: The Untold Story of French Rugby League, by Mike Rylance

The Rugby League World Cup, by Tim Butcher

Rugby League: In Its Own Words, by Ray Gent and Tim Wilkinson

XIII Winters, XIII Worlds, by Dave Hadfield

One Summer: Romance, Redundancy and Rugby League in the 1980s, by Geoff Lee

One Winter: Romance, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rugby League in the Swinging Sixties, by Geoff Lee

One Autumn: Work, Family Life and Rugby League in the 1990s, by Geoff Lee

One Spring: Romance, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rugby League in the 1970s, by Geoff Lee

The Indomitables: The 1946 Rugby League Tour of Australia and New Zealand, by Colin Thomson

Being Eddie Waring: The Life And Times Of A Sporting Icon, by Tony Hannan

Eddie Waring: The Great Ones and Other Writings, by Eddie Waring

Stevo: Looking Back, by Mike Stephenson

1895 And All That… Inside Rugby League’s Hidden History, by Tony Collins

Rugby League In 20th Century Britain: A Social and Cultural History, by Tony Collins

Seasons In The Sun: A Rugby Revolution, by Tony Hannan

A Welsh Crusade: Building Rugby League In Wales, 1990 to 2009, by Ian Golden