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We launched in January 2011 with one simple aim: to become your definitive resource on rugby league literature.

To do that, we’ll provide news, reviews, features and interviews about rugby league books.

Authors, publishers, ghost-writers… we’ll talk to them all in a bid to bring rugby league fans the latest on the sport’s literary scene.

You’ll find full-length magazine-style interviews, an ever-increasing library of rugby league book reviews and the latest news on upcoming releases.

In short, we want to become your number one site for rugby league books.

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Who runs the site?

NB head clear smallRugby League Books is the brainchild of Neil Barraclough, the Daily Mail’s rugby league correspondent.

You can follow Neil on Twitter (@neilbarraclough) or, alternatively, get in touch by using the contact form.

He won’t bite, honest.

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